Are you a first time home buyer? Or Renting in town and ready to buy? 

Book a Town Tour with Amy Burakovsky Team

What does a town tour cover?

  • Lay of the land
  • A deeper dive into neighborhoods & viewing 2-4 homes
  • Town Intangibles
  • Schools
  • Things to do
  • And places to go

You will get a stronger understanding of the community you will become immersed in. Each tour is customized to your goals and can vary from 2-2.5 hours. We always want our clients to make their biggest investment purchase from a position of knowledge. 

We like to keep it simple and old school.

Click here to request your tour.


Note: This is not a one size fits all process and there is no wrong timeline to begin your search. Many of our clients began their search 3 years ago, and others 2 months ago and are closing next month.